Challenge Yourself!

Here are some of the competitions to be held in Gandhi Cup. So, what are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone, check out some of the available competitions and GET READY FOR NEXT YEAR's GANDHI CUP!!!


Basketball SMA

The high school basketball competition for teams of boys involves intense matches between different schools where teams compete for the championship title.

Basketball Gallery​​

Badminton SMA

The badminton competition for high school students provides an opportunity for student-athletes to take part in singles matches while representing their school.

Badminton Ga​​llery  MORE​​ INFO

Solo Vocal SMA

In solo vocal competition for high school students, participants sing set pieces to demonstrate their vocal range and musicality.

Solo Vocal G​​allery  MOR​​E INF​​O

Modern Dance

The modern dance competition provides a stage for participants to express their unique choreography and style, while competing against their peers.

Competition Gallery​ MORE I​​NFO

Battle of the Bands

The battle of the bands gives school bands the chance to perform live and battle it out to be declared the best.

Band ​​Gallery   MORE INFO​​​​​​

Mural SMA

The high school mural competition provides students with the chance to display their artistic abilities, creating a visually stunning display in their school.

Mural Gall​​ery   MORE INFO

Mobile Legend SMA

The Mobile Legend Esport is an online multiplayer game competition for high school students, testing their strategic and tactical abilities.

ML G​​allery  MORE INFO

Photography SMA

The photography competition for high school students allows them to showcase their critical eye and artistic skills through their camera lenses.

Submis​​sion Gallery  MORE INFO

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